Complaint with the advocate

The Advocate examines your petitions or complaints concerning alleged cases of discrimination.

He/she issues non-binding opinions on whether you are being discriminated against in a certain situation (subject to unequal treatment because of personal circumstances). The opinion the Advocate contains a recommendation to the offender on ways to eliminate the violation, its causes and consequences.

A proceeding before the Advocate is cost-free and confidential.

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Providing advice on prevention of discrimination

Information for companies, employers, service providers, public authorities

Laws, regulations and recommendations

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International recommendations

The Declaration of the Principles on Equality

The Declaration of Principles on Equality

The Declaration of Principles on Equality, reflects a moral and professional consensus among prominent human rights and equality experts. It seeks to broaden the consensus, generate interest and debate and thus contribute to reaffirming and developing the right to equality. The principles formulated and agreed by the experts are based on concepts and jurisprudence developed in international, regional and national legal contexts.


More information on the declaration is available on the web page of Equal Rights Trust.