Complaint with the advocate

The Advocate examines your petitions or complaints concerning alleged cases of discrimination.

He/she issues non-binding opinions on whether you are being discriminated against in a certain situation (subject to unequal treatment because of personal circumstances). The opinion the Advocate contains a recommendation to the offender on ways to eliminate the violation, its causes and consequences.

A proceeding before the Advocate is cost-free and confidential.

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Contact Information
Note: This form is intended an an aid to filing petitions more easily and effectively; its use is not mandatory.
The complaint may be anonymous; it must, however, contain enough information for a case to be decided upon. In cases where the complaint is filed in the name of the damaged party by another entity, (e.g. a non-governmental organisation), the person concerned may be asked to provide his or her (written) consent.
Name and Surname
Town and postal code
Telephone/Mobile phone number
Data of alleged offender:
name, surname, organisation (company, public authority, responsible person), address
What action, decision or matter is the subject of your complaint?
What, in your opinion, represents discrimination and what personal circumstance is the basis for it (for instance, race or ethnic origin, sex, disability, age etc.). If you are not sure, simply describe the irregularities that you have noticed. Your description of the circumstances, facts and evidence supporting your allegation that there has been a violation of the prohibition of discrimination should be as detailed as possible.
When did you become aware of the violation?
Describe what steps you have taken to redress the violation, whom you have contacted and to what remedies you have resorted. Please enclose documents (photocopies) and evidence supporting your allegations!